Camera and Lens Pricing:

Camera sale prices are constantly changing—partly because of dollar/yen exchange rates, partly because of the evolving market, and partly because of changing models. All major camera/lens companies—including Nikon, Sony, Canon, Tamron, and Sigma—set the retail pricing. This means that our prices are exactly the same as you’ll find at any big box store, or even Internet retailer (at least for those who sell genuine USA authorized products).

With limited resources we (at Farr’s) are not always quick enough to change our web prices for every camera product in every brand. Rest assured, however, that any USA authorized camera or lens that’s on sale at a big-box retailer or Internet retailer, is also on sale for the same low price at Farr’s. In addition to offering the lowest prices, at Farr’s we throw in services you can’t get elsewhere—free services such as camera classes, lens rentals, sensor cleaning, and lens calibrations.
If you would like to know the current lowest price on a product we carry (or what free services we offer) please call us at 801-621-7666