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Here at Farr's we offer the highest quality diamonds in a variety of carat sizes. We are proudly one of the only jewelers to offer a full diamond trade in giving you 100% of your original purchase price to put towards a future diamond purchase of same cost or more. While most jewelers require you to spend more than your initial purchase price, at Farr's we stand behind your investment and will value your diamond at the original purchase price towards your new diamond. 

The 4 C's

Cut: One of the most important aspects in buying a diamond is the cut. The cut determines the stones brilliance and sparkle by effecting how light reflects and disperses from the facets. 

Color: Diamond color can range from D (colorless) to Z (slightly yellow). 

Clarity:  Most diamonds will contain inclusions or birthmarks. The fewer the inclusions the more beautiful a diamond may be, and the fewer objects which might obstruct the reflection of light. 

Carat Weight: Technically this is the weigth of the diamond but will effect the overall size. We stock many different weights so you can choose a stone that is balanced between size, quality and affordability.

All C's can be viewed in store with a scale and under our microscope.
Our goal is to educate you, so that you can see for yourself why Farr's Diamonds are 
Higher Quality at Lower Prices

Questions to ask when buying a diamond:

How much should I spend? Typically, you will want to find a balance between your partner's expectations, as well as your current financial situation.

Is the Jeweler established, trustworthy and knowledgeable?

Does the store offer a wide selection?

Will I be able to trade up later, and not double my cost to do so?

What is covered under Warranty?

Do you offer appraisals with purchase?